Plan UK - International Day of the Girl

Society: Day of the Girl #DayoftheGirl

Plan UK - International Day of the Girl

Guest post by Nadia Ramoul 

It’s a sad fact that millions of girls around the world are currently being denied access to education and healthcare, are being sexually exploited through forced marriage to much older men and are facing crippling poverty.

Over 100 million girls under 18, some as young as 12, likely to wed in the next decade. The worst part is, because their bodies are not fully matured, millions will die in childbirth in hospitals that are not capable of offering the medical care they so badly need. Girls and women need to be given the opportunity to access education, so they have more options for their futures and are able to provide for themselves without being taken advantage of.

That’s why we’re proud to be supporting Plan’s International Day of the Girl – #DayoftheGirl. On 11th October, we’ll be taking part in a campaign to spread awareness and raise money for girls in poverty all around the globe by spreading the word through social media and signing their petition.

Right now, UN Secretary General Ban Ki -moon is deciding the development priorities for the next generation. We urgently need you to ‘Raise your Hand’ to help ensure millions more girls complete their education. Celebrating power and potential of girls, Plan hope to help 4 million girls lift themselves out of poverty but they really need your support as well as the attention of the international community to encourage the UN Secretary and  politicians from every country to take more action.

So please join us and ‘Raise your Hand’ to support International Day of the Girl. You can sign their petition and get access to their social media skins here.


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