Style: Two Weeks

Two Weeks is an avant garde unisex fashion and accessories label from East London hipster store Bitching And Junkfood that fuses androgynous styling with clean lines and a sporty aesthetic. They unveiled their A/W11 line, which featured leather tops, grungy loose knits and leotard pieces, at London Fashion Week. OhDearism caught up with one half of the design duo Marion Bergin to discuss.

The label incorporates elements of men’s street fashion with more feminine accessories such as the fringe headbands and the designers don’t like to define their creations in the traditional strict gender types.

“With this label we dip in and out of gender definitions much like our customers,” Bergin explains. “My background is in jewellery and accessory design and when I launched the website I was selling some of the more avant garde jewellery pieces I’d made. Even though I had styled them on girls we had a lot of sales from boys too and built up a loyal customer base. When we had an opportunity to show off-schedule at fashion week we decided to go unisex as it seemed like a natural direction for us.”

Two Weeks was launched at London Fashion Week A/W10 when Bergin brought Australisn Kath Blunden in to help with the clothing design. The result is a line that very much mixestheir two disciplines, accessories and clothing, to make one fully integrated collection with a strong signature look that is part fetish and part minimalist.

“We’re still in a very experimental stage with this label,” Bergin continues. “I generally find it very difficult to pigeon-hole what we do into certain aesthetics/trends. I just make things I like and want to wear so I guess it’s selfish. I think the sort of person who we design for is confident, sophisticated and sporty with a rebellious streak.”