Style: MLPR Day at the Westbury Hotel: Tatty Devine, Hannah Warner, Eley Kishimoto and more…

Bold designs from Ingenue

Guest post by Nadia RamoulĀ 

As a gal who clocks in at just over five feet tall, fashionable clothes are not my friend. While my tall chums float gracefully like maxi-dress clad angels I lurk hunched – no, not hunched, standing perfectly erect but you would be forgiven for viewing me as hunched – in oversized knitwear scowling and ruing my feeble genetics.

Thank the lord above, then, for accessories! They are my chums, my constant companions, my allies. You can’t be too short for a statement necklace, hoo no. I was overjoyed then, when invited to the MLPR Press Day to have an exclusive look at some of the next few seasons items…

Concentration face. I am honestly excited..

The press day took place in Mayfair’s gorgeous Westbury hotel, a place so upmarket it took three guys to open the main door. Honestly. Free champagne flowed, manicures were had and staff were energetic and friendly. The stalls were a well-placed mixture of mid-range price bags, shoes, jewellery, underwear and clothing.

Of course my first port of call was the lairy perspex explosion that is Tatty Devine. I love this stuff, truly and their 2013 Spring / Summer collection is a vibrant and unique collection true to their playful style. This season’s pieces are more muted in wood and honey perspex with animal motifs and shapes, very autumnal and warm. Some of their classic items were also on display including a wooden version of the ‘Argh’ necklace, above (please ignore my looming face and obnoxious iphone case…)

Dawww, how cute. Tatty Devine Fox Brooch

They also had a lucky dip box in which I got a cute little gingerbread heart necklace, thanks guys!


Like a big horrible magpie I made a beeline for the next shiniest things in the room, cheerful little clutch bags from Wilbur and Gussie. Themed with a different animal as the centrepiece for each clasp, these little bags are fantastic. In bold colours, patterns or shimmering metallics there is a wide variety in the Spring / Summer collection. My favourite was the ‘Coco,’ in spangly silver glitter with a huge gold bug clasp. Ooof.

The ‘Coco’ clutch. Wilbur and Gussie

Next to this was jewellery more to my everyday taste from Hannah Warner, inspired by taxidermy and ancient egyptian artefacts. Taxidermy style is pretty big at the moment, so you won’t neccessarily feel like a hulking great big goth if you step out with teeny replica lamb skulls dangling from your neck. And even if you do it can only be a good thing, right? Right.

Hannah Warner Egyptian beetle rings

Hannah Warner’s pieces are absolutely beautiful, referencing death, decay and natural forms in solid, bulky rings and bracelets that really stand out. Her collections follow on organically from eachother and are truly fantastic. These designs can be ordered from her site here: and I would you advise you do so as my photos don’t do them justice.


While that was pretty much my lot for bizarre accessories, honourable mentions must go to incredible Eley Kishimoto and Ingenue for their lovely bold patterns and floaty garments in styles that may even suit us more diminutive girls. Hooray!

Argh, how nice is this?

In particular I loved the Eley Kishimoto cat prints, perfect for a more cute Halloween-y look. After providing patterns for Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen, their collection in silks and unisex items was full of daring repeat pattern designs with colour blocks and wide shapes. While the price tag on these pieces is pretty high, fear not, there will be a Clarks collaboration coming soon with shoes under a hundred quid.

Eley Kishimoto x Clarks collaboration

While I would love to yammer on about all the lovely things I saw, we would be here for hours yet and I fear I may end up sounding like quite a tit. But suffice it to say I had a rollicking good time checking out these lovely collections and my Christmas list has grown by a grotesque amount as a direct result. I am steeled for profound disappointment.

Thanks to MLPR for inviting me along!

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