Arts and Culture: Wednesdays at Cafe Moka N1

Moka Wednesdays is a new event at Haringay’s well-loved Café Moka showcasing young talent from around London in a relaxed gallery environment. Taking place every second and fourth Wednesday of each month, curators Clare Bogen and Anveet Padda have high hopes for future proposals and collaborations including photography, narrative and paintings.

Anveet conceived of her ‘Birdcage’ photographs while considering the history of the Shoreditch area as an animal and bird market, where all range of creatures were sold in plots that are now trendy markets. They are haunting, blurred images, open to interpretation. With inspiration taken from these photographs, this launch event will include pieces by myself (a short piece of untitled writing), a film by Asher Thornton and illustration from Bryony Whitaker. As all involved have lived in East London in varying capacities, the pieces reflect diversity of experience and emotion with inspiration ranging from Greyson Perry to hazy memories of personal pasts.

I approached Clare for thoughts on this event who explained;

‘This is really a starting-point for me (Clare). I love working in the café, Moka, and it has become in many ways a community space in its own way – we’ve gotten to know all of our neighbors and regulars and I love that the atmosphere is one that both reflects and invites the neighborhood. I do see a gap in the community for a space like this and an event like this. There are few galleries in Harringay/ Crouch End and even fewer in London which are easily accessible for young or amateur artists to show their work for free.

I wanted to help artists with a step –up, a show in a private space, but I also want to expose the community to their neighbors who make art or are interested in art. From this first open house, we hope we can really figure out who in the community is interested in creating a sort-of community arts centre. We would love to turn ‘Wednesdays at Moka’ into something that truly serves the community – with local art projects, free art classes and children’s programmes.

Wednesdays at Moka already has another exhibit lined up for 25th of April (‘Scenery’ featuring artists Maja Theodoraki, Maria Gorodeckaya and Anja Olofgörsand) we are always looking for proposals. We are holding it every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month – for the Wednesdays we do not have a new exhibit, we will be holding a film night in our garden! The first we’ll be showing is Mr. Vampire is a 1985 Hong-Kong comedy/horror film.

Wednesdays at Moka survives on donations – so we ask for donations for the wine and nibbles and brochures we provide’

So please feel welcome to pop in, enjoy the artwork and support a genuinely grassroots community project. Their cake is pretty tasty too!