Blog: How to Make a Mini Cacti Garden

How to make mini cacti garden

I’ve been hankering after a mini cactus garden in a glass bowl for a while now but was always put off by the prices of the ones you can buy in garden centres or markets. A couple of my colleagues gave the the inspiration to make one myself when they brought in some jam jars filled with mini cacti for their desks. Being in no way green fingered, I assumed it would be difficult to make but they assured me it would be ridiculously easy: so here’s how you do it.

You’ll need:

  • A glass bowl or some jam jars
  • A little soil
  • Some mini pebbles
  • Cacti
  • A mini trowel or failing that a spoon!

Start by heading over to your local garden centre and picking out a selection of tiny cacti or succulents and getting the soil and pebbles. I chose a couple of taller plants for the back and then some smaller cacti and some pearl plants to provide some depth.


Fill the bottom of your bowl with a layer of pebbles. This helps with the drainage as planting these in glass bowls can cause all types of problems with rot as there is nowhere for the water to go. Next add a layer of soil and pop your cacti in the bowl. Pat everything down and add a layer of pebbles. See, I told you it was easy! I planted my garden at around half way up the bowl, but you can do it higher or lower depending on what plants you’re putting in.

Mini cactus jam jars

Repeat the process for the smaller jars. I added ribbon to my jam jars as I thought they looked cute, but you don’t have to.

You really don’t want to over-water these cacti, especially as there is no drainage in the bowl. Aim for about once a month, when the soil is looking completely dry. Also try and keep them by a window as cacti like lots of sun.

Mini cactus garden

The whole thing cost me around $50, which is a lot less than the ones I’ve seen to buy ready made (plus I made the three mini ones too).