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Blog: Hip Hop Yoga and 7 Reasons Why There’s Nothing to Worry About

As many of you may know, I’ve recently made some major changes in my life; including moving to Melbourne so apologies for not blogging in ages! I thought I’d get back into the swing of things by blogging a short post about what I’ve been doing to relieve the stress of moving thousands of miles and to also get out of the bad habits that come from not having a settled routine.

Lovely Melbourne

Lovely Melbourne

Lately I’ve embraced a sort of “clean living” philosophy as a way to combat the unhealthy lifestyle I had gotten into. Not to mention the fact that I now live in an exciting new city where great food is practically a religion. I was not only feeling a little overweight but was also fed up with feeling sluggish and lacklustre most of the time. I had initially resolved to visit a nutritionist as I was convinced I was developing some mild food allergies, but on seeing the cost, decided to try and take matters into my own hands by changing my diet and lifestyle.

The first step to a healthier lifestyle came with the discovery of my love of yoga, specifically when it is done to awesome hip hop music. Inspired by the yoga studios in LA, where Hip Hop Yoga is often used as an outreach scheme in troubled communities, Yoga213 blends Vinyasa flow with feel good tracks, played loudly to get the blood pumping and make the class a vibrant, energetic bundle of fun. Taking the stiffness out of yoga actually makes it easier to just relax and focus your mind.

Yoga 213

The studio on Chapel Street in South Yarra is the epitome of laid-back, surfer chic: taking its cue from downtown LA. It’s already been featured on several local design blogs. I think the things that sealed the deal for me was the photo frame of Frank Ocean in the foyer (his music features heavily in the classes), and the surf board in the corner of the studio.

A few weeks ago, I picked up a book they sell in the reception; Happy Yoga: 7 Reasons Why There’s Nothing to Worry About by Steve Ross. I’ve not finished reading the whole thing yet as it’s quite intense but it’s really inspired me to change my outlook and lifestyle and I would definitely recommend reading it as an introduction to yogic living. Ross’ mantra is that you can’t get happy, you can only be happy – as in there are no goals you can achieve or desires you can satisfy that will bring you lasting happiness. Instead you should focus on conscious living and self-awareness to make you happy and peaceful.

To Live is the rarest thing in the world, most people just exist. Oscar Wilde Quote

The chapter on diet in particular is really insightful in the way it explores the way we mindlessly consume “bad” food from supermarkets without thinking about where it has come from and what we’re putting in our bodies. As an example, most supermarket meat is so cheap because the animals are raised in appalling conditions. They are also fed the cheapest possible food, in many cases ground up remains from other animals, including their own kind. This diet and lifestyle makes them sick and weak, so farmers put growth hormones and antibiotics into their feed. And where do you think these hormones and medicines end up? That’s right, on your plate and in your body. This is incredibly bad for us as our bodies are not able to cope with all the toxins we put in. Not to mention the problems that could stem from humans and animals building up immunity to antibiotics and the superbugs this can lead to.

I’ve only just gotten started on my healthy new lifestyle and certainly don’t want to sound all holier than thou but if anyone else is interested in living a cleaner, healthier lifestyle, they should definitely check this book out. Give yoga a chance guys!!