Blog: Secret Supper Club

On Monday I headed out with my Perth blogger girls Lei Lady Lei and Nadine from Modern Girls in Vintage Pearls to take part in the latest edition of Secret Supper Club in Perth. Secret Supper Club is the brain child of chef Scott Alfonso, who along with a group of other local chefs puts on Secret Supper Club every couple of months. The private supper club is a chance for “like-minded folks to do something different” in Perth.

Secret Supper Club Perth

Every time a group of people get together to enjoy some delicious food and some engaging conversation. You’ll find yourself sitting next to some of the city’s coolest foodie folks, whether that be someone from the industry, a blogger or just someone who loves great food. Everyone brings some wine, which is shared around the group. Entry to the dinner is dependent on a trade, which could range from offering a service or just buying a cool gift that you think Scott and the guys will love. 

Secret Supper Club Andulaz Bar

We started out with a seafood dish with Turkish bread, which I have to say was my favourite as I LOVE seafood. Next we had gorgeously soft baked pork with peach and lentils, followed by a classic cheesecake, which you can see Lei Lei and Nadine drooling over below!

Secret Supper Club

The dinner takes places in different locations, depending on who offers to host. This time we were lucky enough to eat at the chic and stylish Andaluz Bar. It’s long been one of my favourite places to eat in Perth and the whole team there are really lovely. If you’re a local and you’ve never been, it’s seriously worth checking out, if only for the salted caramel, chocolate and chili salt bites, which are unbelievably good.

The photos in this post are by the lovely Jane Bennett, who attended the dinner and runs a great photography company in Perth.