Style: English National Ballet x Vivienne Westwood

English National Ballet, Vivienne Westwood, Tom Sharp

When Tamara Rojo was appointed the Artistic Director of the English National Ballet, she expressed a desire to revitalise ballet: bringing it to a wider audience and positioning the art-form at the forefront of modern culture. As part of this campaign, she has chosen to rebrand the ballet company for 2013, collaborating with Vivienne Westwood and creative director Tom Sharp to create a series of hauntingly romantic images that fuse ballet with high fashion.

Since beautiful costumes have long been associated with ballet, it makes sense that she would highlight this aspect by featuring Westwood’s designs. But where tutus previously reigned, couture ballgowns triumph. As Sharp explained, “It is about taking dancers out of tutus and moving away from conventional backstage images to show the intensity, creativity and hot bodies of the dancers.”

English National Ballet, Vivienne Westwood, Tom Sharp

Vivienne Westwood has long been known for its theatrical style, so the pairing makes perfect sense: offering a delightful fusion between two great British institutions. Apparently this is just the first of several high-profile collaborations, so I can’t wait to see what’s next…