Style: ZDDZ London – SS13


Hot label alert! ZDDZ London. First things first, before even writing this article as soon as I saw the word ZDDZ I went to the BF, “How would you say ZDDZ?” and the bf (who works in wealth communications and is very corporate) said “Obviously like a bee, ZzzzDDzzzZ.” Scroll to me looking bemused at a) the name of this new, awesome designer from the Endzzz’ (East End for those who don’t know) and b) confused because who knew my BF had swag. Regardless to say, if you don’t know how to say the name ZDDZ, remember the name well now because their latest SS13 collection looks polished, evocative and set to be a big name in the fashion future.

ZDDZ’s SS13 collection is fricking fantastic and their claim to “remix urban impressions into a new angle of sophistication” is clearly seen in the way they intermingle hard, edgy, almost graffiti-like prints with feminine cut-out designs in sexy, slivery silk. Ahhh breathe in that sensuality.

ZDDZ - Slash tee and shorts

ZDDZ describe their SS13 collection as “a selection of pieces that are practically spray painted in chaos, throwing away feminine conventions to present daring fashion for the everyday.” Wow, heavy right. But truly their collection is so wearable right now. Okay, obviously not RIGHT now in the UK with our arctic weather, but right now in terms of spring 2013 and fashion’s movement towards an edgy yet flirty moment with clothes.  The Marni-Commes-Des-Garcon-almost-Helmut-Lang-style feel to ZDDZ’s collection represents a design team truly on the pulse of fashion especially with style icons like Rihanna and Rita Ora paving the way in this peek-a-boo / sheer/ skimpy trend explosion, and who are easily envisaged in any of the ZDDZ collection.

Even if you aren’t brave enough go full-fashion-hog with the skimpiness of the silk shorts and cutaway and the print, just mixing some of the graphic ‘chaos’-style print with an everyday look will immediately bring you into the fashion now. Likewise you could wear tights with the shorts and just have your top half exposed with the cut-outs because, we all know from watching shows like Mr. Selfridge, being a little flirty with fashion is so en vogue and worthwhile, not to mention who doesn’t like a nice sheer bit of flesh on show. Heyyyy.

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