Arts & Culture: Smirnoff Vodka, #YoursForTheMaking Event


Guest post by Nadia Ramoul 

When you’re invited to an evening of free vodka and snacks you don’t turn it down, hoooo no. In this weather anything to keep the blood pumping is welcomed with open arms and empty glasses. You gather your hastily organised plus one(s) and shimmy on down to the Tate Modern concourse feeling totally exclusive and cool.

“Yours for the Making” was Smirnoff’s attempt at getting us to make the most of the extra hour due to the clocks going back at the weekend.

What would you do? Catch up on Breaking Bad? Snooze? Or would you hang out in the presence of the WORLD’S LARGEST DISCO BALL while drinking cocktails?

Of course you would!

The good people at Smirnoff treated us to delicious fruity cocktails and complimentary snacks of vegetable crisps – not exactly my bag, those bizarre crisps but I can see the appeal.

The views over London were breathtaking, however heading outside to see the giant mirror ball get raised we were instantly reminded that holding a semi outdoor event in October was always going to be a hit-and-miss affair and shivered accordingly. No amount of free booze can contend with the Thames’ chill. But nonetheless, you can’t not be at least a little impressed by the world’s biggest disco ball, I mean, come on now. The thing was huge.

DJ Maya Jane Coles played a fine set of house-y dubstep which perfectly complimented the frosty evening and got the sparse crowd feeling lively as the mirrorball reflected the Thames. A few brave souls busted some interesting moves in the chilly night air but the rest of us were content to huddle together for warmth and nod our heads approvingly to the music.

The premise behind Smirnoff’s #YoursForTheMaking campaign – the clocks go back so we all have an extra hour, use that hour to do something out of the ordinary – was fantastic. I hope they do this again next year with a bigger turnout, it could end up being something really special.

By Nadia – @NadiaReads

and Dean – @Scieh

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