Style: New 70s Style Fiat 500

To celebrate the launch of the new range of retro-style, colour pop Fiat 500s, Fiat asked me to put together a little piece about why I love the 70s. I instantly thought food! Shows like The Great British Bake Off have reminded us how great traditionally British, home-made dishes can be. You can read the whole article here but I’ve also popped the recipe for my favourite 70s inspired raspberry and chocolate trifle below. Grandma would be so proud!

Picture from Riazolli on Pinterest

clomid and zanax


You will need:

1 x brownie batch (I recommend Hawksmoor at Home’s recipe)

1 x pot of chocolate custard

50g Fresh Raspberries

75ml Whipped Cream

Fresh mint and raspberries to garnish

Basically just layer raspberries over the brownies and the custard and cover with whipped cream for supreme deliciousness!

*** My mum just pointed out that a trifle without a shit load of booze completely misses the point so add some liqueur to your brownies when you put them in!



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