Wedding Style: Teeth Whitening with Wahanda

Every bride wants to look perfect on her big day and one of the most important things to me was to have a nice, white smile. In fact, I have to admit, it’s become something of an obsession as I have started to notice the pearly whites of everyone: from people on TV, to friends. Teeth whitening has officially gone from something that only Cheryl Cole and co would get done, to something that everybody can do. Conversely, I have had to stop myself staring at people with nasty yellow teeth and wondering why the heck they don’t just get them whitened or cleaned! (I’m sorry, I know that sounds horrible). What with the prices of sonic toothbrushes having dropped massively in the last couple of years and the explosion of whitening products on the market, there really isn’t an excuse to have bad teeth anymore.

A picture I hate from before the treatment as my teeth look so yellow!

And after!

This is why I was thrilled when Wahanda offered to let me try out one of their offers on teeth whitening. Those lovely folk are setting up a wedding section on the site, offering everything from beauty treatments to fun spa days for hen parties, and I was intrigued to see if the experiences could remain high quality at such low prices (I have had very bad experiences with Groupon in the past.)

I choose a treatment at The Aesthetics Clinic in Monument for only £79. The treatment lasted around an hour, with three 20 minute sessions where they cover your teeth with jelly and point a UV light on them. The treatment is painless but is slightly uncomfortable as you have to wear a mouth guard, which forces your mouth open so that the light hits your teeth. The lady who was looking after me was very nice and didn’t seem put out that I kept having to take the guard out to give my mouth a break.

Looking like a spaceman during the treatment

When the treatment was done, the lady showed me that my teeth had gone a couple of shades whiter on a diagram. I was glad that my teeth hadn’t gone overly white, although I will definitely be getting it done again in six months as I keep seeing people with whiter teeth than me (I might have a problem)! On the whole I definitely would recommend getting a treatment through Wahanda, they have some great vendors who are using the site as a way to entice new customers through the door, in the hope that they will return when they see how good the service is. Also the informative community on the site offer reviews on every treatment, so you can do your research before you decide where to go.


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