Music: Sabrina Altan

There are rumblings afoot in the bars of Brighton that one of their best-kept secrets is about to explode all over everyone’s face whether they like it or not. Sabrina Altan is a singer songwriter with an impressive voice that gives vent to frustration and heartache without beating you over the head with it. She’s got a fresh clutch of songs available to listen to on her new website, and I think they’re pretty goshdarn good.

Originally from the glamorous climes of Loughton, Essex, Sabrina bid a not-too tearful farewell and developed her own unique sound through constantly writing, recording and performing in her adoptive home.

It could be said that Sabrina has her fingers in musical pies of many flavours. Recently she has been touring with Karl Phillips and the Midnight Ramblers providing some soaring dance vocals for their track ‘Dangerous’ on sold-out gigs around the UK, playing the odd solo jazz gig and performing with her new all-girl group. Her own style is a mixture of jazz and soul with a bits of Pixies-ish edge thrown in for good measure. Oh yes.

Before the launch of her site we had a brief natter:

How would you describe the sound of your new tracks?
The ‘sound’ of them? Like a pissed off Turkish essex girl. Who loves R&B/Soul and everything in between.

What would you say your main influences are?
Well I learnt how to sing to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and The Writing’s On The Wall by Destiny’s Child so I’d say they were the biggies. What inspires me to write is annoyance and a need to express it. I like creating something pleasurable to listen to and I feel like I’ve done that with these recordings.

How has it been touring with Karl Phillips and co..?
Uhhhhhhhh. Interesting. Between the incessant banter, swearing on air, stage ceiling destroying, and endless boozy nights it’s been cool! I love those boys and playing with them is a blast. I get to party whilst they play then perform to an electrified audience; best of both worlds really.

And lastly, what are your hopes for your career?
My hopes for the future are to spread my groovy rage far and wide. There’s so much dance music around at the moment, and don’t get me wrong I love a good boogie but sometimes I just feel like we need to chill out!

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