Wedding Style: eBay and Oxfam Wedding Auction

A couple of weeks ago, while at the eBay blogger event, I found myself pondering the topic of vintage wedding dress shopping on eBay with their lovely PR and she told me about their collaboration with Oxfam. Basically some great wedding suppliers have donated everything from dresses to cakes and flowers to the auction, with all the proceeds going to Oxfam’s projects around the world.

Bridesmaids Dresses by Lilli Diamond

Any dress from The Vintage Wedding Dress Co

From the start, I knew that I wanted my wedding to make a difference in some way and not just support the big ugly London wedding machine. Part of this involved picking a great and unique local venue that also helps out local youth charities (Bootstrap Company) as well as sourcing local produce, making my own decorations from charity shop finds and using smaller suppliers for the day. If I hadn’t already sorted pretty much everything, I would definitely be doing some bidding for this great cause. Some amazing suppliers have donated some beautiful products and bespoke services for people to bid for. There are deals like any dress from The Vintage Wedding Dress company, currently going for £1000. As their dresses reach £3000, this is an amazing deal! As well as probably getting a bargain, brides to be can know that in a small way, their big day has made the world a better place. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Bespoke 'Cake Mason' Wedding Cake

The auction ends on Wednesday so get bidding! Even when it is over, Oxfam have some great products and second hand wedding dresses all year round. Brides on a budget would do well to check out what they have before they fork out on an expensive dress as you can get some gorgeous designer finds, donated by people who want to do some good with their old dress.


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