Society: Spring Clean 2012

Yesterday Natalie and Damien donned their feather dusters and joined Climate Rush to declare a clean air zone outside the Houses of Parliament, stopping the rush hour traffic to have a sit in for cleaner air in London.


Natalie and Damien with Tamsin Omond co-founder of Climate Rush

London’s air quality is amongst the worst in Europe, with 4000 early deaths caused in the capital by pollution every year. We regularly exceed the EU limit on ‘bad air days’ due mainly to the huge amount of vehicles that travel through the city unnecessarily every day. Last year London went nearly two times over the limit, prompting Mayor Boris Johnson to come up with the ingenious idea of spraying the pollution near the sensors to the ground with glue (you couldn’t make this stuff up).

Damien has been involved in the social media campaigning for Climate Rush and is a passionate campaigner for cleaner air. Natalie was recently diagnosed with allergies brought on by London’s appalling air pollution, so they both wanted to show their support for the cause and remind people – Cleaner Air? Change of Mayor!!


Natalie waves her feather duster

Damien after getting rained on!

PS. Don’t forget to vote in the London Mayoral Election and London Assembly Election on May 3rd. Boris is the worst candidate when it comes to climate change and it’s a really close election so it’s really important that everyone makes the effort to vote. (We’ll be supporting Green candidate Jenny Jones)

Additional images by Peter Marshall


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