Society: WOW at KK Outlet

To mark International Women’s Day, The W Project continued their tradition of celebrating all that is great about women artists with their Words of Wisdom exhibition at KK Outlet. Following on from last year’s fabulous exhibition to mark 100 years of International Women’s Day, they invited all their favourite female creatives to write their words of womanly wisdom on a postcard and post it to them.

Loren Platt and Teo Connor asked 85 artists to get involved, including Fred Butler, Anna Lomax, Margot Bowman, Josephine Chime and Supermarket Sarah, with the results ranging from the hilarious to the poignant.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the role of feminism in the world today, particularly with the (usual) negative responses from some parties surrounding International Women’s Day. With men arguing that they deserve a men’s day (there is one, it’s on November 19th, knock yourselves out) and men and women arguing that there are bigger problems in the world than western women’s rights (check out some of the comments on this recent Guardian article on street harassment.)

But with stories in the news this week such as American Republicans trying to cut down on access to birth control, to a British anti-abortion activist hacking a BPAS website to intimidate patients, to a sixteen year old Moroccan rape victim killing herself after being forced to marry her attacker, I would say that there is still a long way to go, no matter where you are in the world. Some people might say that western feminists are splitting hairs by arguing against wolf whistling in the street, or bitching about a lack of positive role models for young girls in the media, but I would say that the battles that we have won have been hard fought and now is not the time to stop.

Maybe when we live in a society where women really are free to choose their lifestyle choices, where rape victims are not blamed for their own attacks and where a woman can walk down a street without fear of harassment, then maybe we will have some kind of positive example to set to our brothers and sisters around the world. Just in the last week alone one of my Twitter friends was groped by a football fan outside a train station, while another was followed home and called a ‘slut’ by a would be admirer, until these things don’t happen here on a daily basis, I would say that feminism very much has a place in our society and I for one will keep bitching, arguing and fighting until things get better!

Read my article on street harassment here>


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