Music: Little Racer

If, like me, the British winter is starting to get to you, the best tonic I could suggest right now is to close your eyes and listen to Little Racer’s new single Split For The Coast for some brilliant lo-fi surf and sun escapism. Having been signed by the Young & Lost Club, this Brooklyn three-piece is making waves on the music scene over there and look like ones to watch in 2012.

“We’re always borrowing, experimenting, and playing with different styles but keep a pretty upbeat steady feel to it,” the boys explain. “So If you like being surprised at each turn, if you’re not afraid to uncross your arms and move around a bit, if you smile, if you’re playful, you’ll probably get a kick out of our sound. Nothing makes us happier than watching crowds at our shows smiling, bouncing their feet, and dancing their arms.”

With clear influences by The Beach Boys, The Beatles and The Velvet Underground, the band clearly love good old fashioned pop music and cite everyone from Phil Collins to King Pepe as a source of inspiration. “If it’s pop music, we will probably find some genius in it and keep it in our back pocket,” they explain. “Also our jukebox hero is Michael Mcdonald. We were all lucky to grow up with everything available. There’s a lot of amazing stuff out there, the trouble is narrowing it down sometimes.”

Split For The Coast was inspired by heartbreak, when Elliot’s girlfriend left him. Yet from this painful starting point, the track still manages to stay deliciously upbeat “It was a way to let everyone know what hell I was in without bumming them out,” Elliot says. “Although it has melancholy origins, I’d like to think the song is medicinal in some way. The load I was carrying felt lighter after the song was written, maybe it could do the same for others.”

When the boys aren’t working they like to hang out in Brooklyn cocktail bars, drinking gin or hanging out in warehouses filled with ice-cream trucks (I like the sound of that). “And then it’ll be 4 am and we’ll be eating pretzels on a ferry wondering if it’s jewels we’ll find when we crack open this treasure chest,” Ish says.

So what’s next for the boys? “Everything is next,” Mike tells me. “We’re proud of what we’ve done in a relatively short time but look forward to taking the next steps to becoming a real group. We have a great deal of music on the sidelines that we can’t wait to get down after our UK jaunt.”


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