Music: Post War Years

After releasing their storming debut album ‘The Greats and The Happenings‘ in 2009 (hailed by Rough Trade as “one of the most interesting and innovative debuts to be released this year”), we’ve been waiting to hear what London’s (via Leamington Spa) 4 piece math-rock band Post War Years would do next with baited breath. After recording and self-producing ‘The Greats…’ in an intriguing warehouse/ salon set-up in east London, PWY have worked with the award-winning James Rutledge (famed for his remixes for MGMT, Grizzly Bear, Late of the Pier, My Bloody Valentine and The Kills) on their sophomore album. Which sounds more than a little promising!

Post War Years are lining up to release their latest single, ‘All Eyes’, in a week – mixed by Rich Costey (Muse, Bloc Party, Interpol, RATM) – which promises “Battles-like beats and Vek-like synths”.  We caught up with PWY to find out what’s going on…

OhDearism: Who are Post War Years? How would you describe your sound?
Post War Years:
We are Si, Henry, Tom and Fred. If our music was a film, it would be “Bladerunner”.

OD: How did you guys all meet?
Post War Years:We all met in the basement of a small pub in Leamington Spa. Though we had all grown up around the area we had gone to different schools and led different lives. At some point our paths crossed and we ended up here.

OD: How did you find producing the new album, given the fantastic reception your debut ‘The Greats and The Happenings’ received? What was it like working with James Rutledge on the new album?
Post War Years:Working on the new record with James felt like a much healthier dynamic than the first. We had someone there to mediate between our four different opinions, which made decision making far simpler. We’re very proud of the first record but we self-produced and there were definitely pitfalls in having complete creative control. James encouraged everyone to throw as many ideas at the songs as possible and then deconstruct it afterwards, which culminated in a far more collaborative effort. He gave us a lot of inspiration and has since become kind of like a fifth band member; he’s basically the older brother the band never had. We recorded the album in Bath, it was beautiful weather the whole time we were there, and it was just a really positive experience all round.

OD: What’s been the best moment as a band so far? What’s been your worst?
Post War Years:Best moment? There have been many, but the one that springs to mind is playing Brixton Academy with White Lies. It’s such an incredible venue and I think one of the rare occasions where we all came off stage completely happy with our performance.

Worst moment? We all shared a flat when we first moved to London and recorded the album there too. It started nicely but got a bit claustrophobic after a while; we might have come close to killing each other.

OD: What can people expect at your shows during the December UK tour? Are you guys looking forward to playing the new material?
Post War Years: We are already out on the road playing the new stuff and really enjoying it, and we’re getting some really positive feedback, so hopefully people will really enjoy themselves. Sometimes though I think expectations can be a bad thing. Plus, we wouldn’t want to give it all away now would we?

OD: If you could each have one wish, what would you wish for?
Si: Simplicity.
Tom: A nice pair of socks.
Henry: Time travel.


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