Blog: Pinterest

Pinterest is our new favourite social media platform. Launched last year, Pinterest has been slowly gathering a cult following of people who love the way it allows them to connect to others with similar interests in a visual way.

The way it works is that you create pin boards out of images that inspire you and people can comment, like or repin them. Pinterest is great for getting some inspiration from anything from architecture to fashion, weddings and interior design. It has become seriously popular in creative circles as it allows you to check out the latest trends or browse a specific theme for inspiration. You can also have group pins, prefect if you and your friends want to plan an event like a birthday or wedding, or just want to share your latest favourite images.

At the moment you need an invite to join Pinterest, but this looks like one social media phenomenon that is only set to grow and grow. So if you want to get on there before everyone else does, you’d better find a way to get invited ASAP.

Here are some of our favourite boards for “Pinsperation”. You can check out OhDearism’s boards here>


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