Music: Cave Painting

The Brighton based band Cave Painting have been hotly tipped by music blogs and the press as ‘the next big indie band’ and recently performed at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen, where their melodic, blissed-out instrumental sound gained them even more attention from the London music scene. It was here that OhDearism came across them and we were pleasantly surprised to find that they lived-up to the hype. The night was full of tribal beats and hedonistic instrumentals: front man Adam’s voice is sublime even as he makes animalistic wailing sounds. Their single Midnight Love is the type of track that instantly catches hold of you and we predict that it will be a massive hit on the festival circuit next summer. The band are just about to record their debut album so we caught up with them to find out what’s going on…

OhDearism: What does the name Cave Painting mean to you?
Cave Painting: I think the meaning for us is evolving over time. At first it was the only name that we all agreed felt right.

OhDearism: How did the band form?
 We all met in Brighton, though we’re from all over the country. It still sort of amazes me we all happened to be in the right place at the right time.

OhDearism: Single Midnight Love is accompanied by a short film. Can you explain the creative process behind this?
Cave Painting: 
A very good friend of ours (Thomas Sargeant) pitched an idea to us which we liked the sound of very much and we trust this man so we left him to do his thing with a small team of people in Cornwall. He then sent over the film, which at this stage was silent, and it looked beautiful. We then remixed/scored our song ‘Midnight Love’ to the film which was really interesting to do. Music really controls the feeling of a film, so being able to decide how to make a scene, which Tom had created, feel was very interesting.

OhDearism: What has been your best moment as a band so far?
Cave Painting: There have been quite a few I would say, though I think our first show at the Social in London was pretty special. We’d been preparing for it for so long and it was great to have such a big turnout of friends and family. And nothing went wrong.

OhDearism: You’re about to record your debut album, can you tell us anything about it yet?
Cave Painting: I think we want it to be quite concise, though we have a very long shortlist of songs that could be on it. As for the inspiration, I’m really not sure. Escape tends to be a running theme in our music, though I don’t think this is a conscious decision.

OhDearism: If you could have one wish, what would it be?
Cave Painting:
Infinite wishes, obviously.


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