Blog: OhDearism Sky Planters

You may have noticed the lovely illustration on this site, which was done by the very talented Arran Gregory (you can read our interview with him here). Well the ‘Little Birds’ that make up the OhDearism logo have been used by Boskke and JaguarShoes in a new project that aims to mix art with gardening.

The Sky Planters by Boskke are all about bringing greenery to the urban environment and are designed to hang anywhere, bringing a little beauty and much needed oxygen to the world’s cities. The collaboration has been named as Time Out London’s ‘Object of Desire’ for this month and have also been featured on the Topshop blog (who gave us a nice little shout-out).

DreamBagsJaguarShoes, who featured Arran’s work in a pop-up exhibition earlier in the year, celebrated the project with a hanging garden in their Shoreditch bar.

You can buy the Little Birds Sky Planter on Boskke’s website.


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