Music: Blue Nation

Recently I dropped into the Islington O2 Academy 2 for the launch of a new EP ‘New York City Lights’ by indie three piece Blue Nation.  I was eager to check out the band as my flatmate had been playing their previous releases constantly over the past couple of months. I obviously wasn’t the only person with the idea to check out these Birmingham lads out as they had drawn an impressive crowd.

As Blue Nation launched into their set I was really struck by the voice of lead singer Neil Murdoch. His vocals were incredibly powerful and the crowd really started to take notice. They hail from an indie/blues heritage and throughout the set there were clear nods to the likes of the Black Keys and in their more melodic moments, Radiohead. Throughout the set Blue Nation enjoyed shifting the dynamic from extremely chilled melodic chords to some seriously hard hitting power chords.

The EP title track New York City Lights was the highlight of the set and as the band launched into the track they got an immediate response from the enthusiastic crowd. Throughout the gig my interest in the band grew and since then I have found them plenty of ipod playtime. Blue Nation’s sound caters for all moods; happy, sad or angry. Their diversity is a great strength although this leads me to believe they are yet to find their “final sound”. They are a band with heaps of potential and it is well worth keeping your eye on them.

New York City Lights is available for download now.


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