Arts & Culture: London Fields Radio

Nearly one year on from David Cameron’s launch of “Big Society”, we are still waiting for Citizen Dave and his mass army of volunteers to sweep across the nation recreating the Tory vision of a long lost British Arcadia.

One place the “Big Society” is already in full swing is in a tucked away corner of E8, in the Wiltons Cafe.

The cafe offers diverse tasty, affordable food and lovely coffee from local producer Climpson and Sons. But what makes this cafe so unique is the local radio revolution taking place inside.

London Fields Radio has a real charm to it, situated in a booth in the cafe local residents produce podcasts for the local creative community of London Fields and the surrounding borough of Hackney.

The radio station puts an emphasis on old fashioned conversation. The presenters are warm and eclectic in their conversations and the background sounds of the cafe filter through. The music selections are wonderful, bringing together established and up-and-coming talents, creating a hearing experience leading the listener off in lots of wonderful directions.

London Fields Radio feels really inclusive and they are encouraging people to get in touch and share ideas for shows. So if you fancy yourself as the next Steve Lamacq or Lauren Laverne this could be your break.


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