Arts & Culture: Lindsay Usich

Lindsay Usich is a painter, jewellery designer, sometime wild-child and possible girlfriend of Marilyn Manson, who I recently interviewed for Dazed Digital about the collection of photographs she has turned into a blog called Leave Everything. Rather than reposting the Dazed interview, I decided to let Usich’s words speak for themselves, as she described her life so beautifully it seemed a shame not to include it here…

I was born in Miami by a bay and raised along with my twin sister north of the city, surrounded by willow trees and peacocks. What began as the two of us dancing, writing and sketching together developed into shooting Polaroids and eventually 35mm. (99% of my photos still remain analog) As a teenager, I completed some formal Photography training in Miami but quickly grew bored with the sterility of the courses and took to using my own intuition and self to educate. My sister and I moved between Miami and Chicago, finally settling on New York City a few years ago. I, now at 26, devote most of my time painting, completing my latest project of a printed photo-storybook cum-diary, as well as working on production of my fledgling jewelry collection after nearly burning all my fingers off learning metalworking. The photos on my blog are an accumulation and result of travels across the map in recent years- a construction of a fictional reality from fragments of actual life.

I am..Irrationally devoted, situational, subjective, and a complete romantic.

I don’t start out with a concrete idea in mind, although some photos are set up a bit. I begin with a loose aesthetic, the rest is organic. Most of the past year has been split between New York and Los Angeles and these images are a microcosm of the experiences and emotions produced there. The ineffable is translated on a smaller scale so what you are seeing is a layer and a pause.

For me, the mise–en–scène frequently includes myself or my sister, Ashley. My photography is dictated almost exclusively by mood and I am too impatient to wait for another time, another inspiration.  I find her to be the best subject and there is no better moment than the one we are in. I am able to use her image and interchange it with mine which I feel is a luxury. This may be considered complete narcissism, but one can always go a step further.

Femininity and romanticism often go hand in hand with darker, more macabre elements- this is especially true in my everyday life.  I do attempt to balance and lend a delicate feeling to what could become dissolute through the softness of say, flowers- even though the reality may be far from. I know the story behind every photo, but that is for the viewer to interpret on their own.

I tend to be repetitive when I am passionate or fascinated with one thing. I’ve always found the fragility of dawn and dusk to be a cynosure of beauty and elegance. The harsh, hard light of midday is absolutely not appealing to me.  Beyond that I’m very nocturnal and primarily am active from from sunset to sunrise.

It would be too easy to say it’s a dialectic against digital film. But the eloquence is in the graininess, the unseen details, and what is left for you to imagine.

Because each image has been spawned from a true and personal existence, I am constantly refining and redefining my favorite. But I’ll know once I’m done.


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