Style: LCF presents Beatrice Boyle

Artist/designer Beatrice Boyle is something of a success story. Having only graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2008, she has already created a capsule collection for Browns Focus and has worked with American Rag Cie, Dazed Japan and Elle.

In her new exhibition at London College of Fashion, she has photographed models and then deconstructed the images with broad brushstrokes. Inspired by her earlier work using pages torn from fashion magazines, Beatrice turns commercial images into art.

[ohdearism] Your work’s been described as ‘anti-fashion’. Would you disagree with that?

[Beatrice Boyle] I don’t know if it is. I mean, I deconstruct original images that are glossy and perfect and subvert them. But at the same time I work with magazine images and i’m obsessed with advertising campaigns and models and everything else that goes with fashion. It might look like i’m anti-fashion but I’m definitely not.

[OD] Why did you start using your own photos?

[BB] Because I wanted to construct the whole thing. I wanted to have creative licence. To photograph women myself was really interesting because we could work together. So I could have a concept in my mind first. With Kirsty [Beatrice gestures to a striking image of a topless female model], I was like “yeah let’s dye your hair purple!” She was really up for doing stuff.

[OD] Do you only photograph women?

[BB] Yeah I do sometimes. I’ve become a bit too efficient. I used to watch it every day.

[OD] Sorry, I said do you use always images of women…

[BB] Oh my god do you know what I thought you said? “Do you watch Loose Women?” I felt really guilty like “how does she know!?”

[OD] That answer’s so going in. So is that the essence of your work: loose women?!

[BB] I did think it was a weird question! But I usually use women, yes. Men are a bit boring! I brought out the male models before but it seems like there’s not so much to them. Their eye lashes aren’t as long and they don’t have tits.

[OD] What creative projects do you see yourself taking on next?

[BB] I want to work on a massive scale, covering walls and using collage. I’ve also started working on silk scarves. I’m definitely looking to do something a bit more experimental with silk.

[OD] Perhaps with Liberty?

[BB] Yes! For their scarf emporium!

[OD] Given the scale you want to work on, could you see yourself going into set design?

[BB] Absolutely. I’d like to work with other photographers on shoots. I’m obsessed with Shona Heath and her photo shoots. She does awesome stuff.

[OD] Cheryl Cole was recently shot wearing a top from your collection for Browns Focus. Who would you love to see wearing your designs next?

[BB] Perhaps… oh I’m useless at this question.

[OD] Maybe someone on Loose Women?

[BB] Basically, it’s all about Loose Women. What’s her name…Colleen Nolan!

[OD] And finally, there’s obviously a link between fashion and art. Why do you think it’s a strained relationship?

[BB] Fashion is self-confessedly commercial. It’s about big money and it’s about  luxury and its about massive funds. Ok, Margiela is ‘anti-commercial’ in that there’s no labels, but there are still massive commercial aspects. Art stands apart because it’s not. But there are so many fine artists are working in fashion, like Louis Vuitton. I love that.

Beatrice Boyle’s LCF exhibition runs until 3 March 2011, 10.00am-5.00pm daily.

RHS Terrace: London College of Fashion, John Princes Street, W1G 0BJ, London

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