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New underground Tokyo/London boutique Primitive celebrated their launch on Friday with a party at Visions in Dalston with a special DJ set from Tokyo style icon Mademoiselle Yulia.

Located underneath Haggerston station, Primative stocks up and coming designers from London and Tokyo, with an emphasis on a unique DIY aesthetic.

We wish to support and stock designers that are truly independent and creating what they want without regards to trends and collections,” says Andrew Grune, who co-owns the boutique with girlfriend Lui Nemeth. “Artists will also collaborate with us to create installations through sculpture, video and projections to constantly evolve the space.”

As well as the DJ set by Mademoiselle Yulia, who looked amazing in a Yoruko Banzai creation, the night was put on in collaboration with LAN zine, which is a shit hot fashion and technology magazine. The crowd was a mix of Japanese and London hipsters and the queue to get in stretched half-way down the street.

Japanese designers stocked in the boutique include Banzai, Giza, Balmung and ilil, who make an insane light-up jacket reminiscent of that dress on Gypsy Wedding. If gypsies were cool that is. They will also be stocking Japanese street style zines so London kids can keep up with the latest trends.

“Tokyo style and London style are very different,” Andrew says. “In Japan people are obsessed with style and shopping. There are loads of small and really interesting shops. We wanted to create that vibe with our shop.”

“In some ways Tokyo style is heavily influenced by London style but there is definitely a distinct Tokyo style that is very colourful and theatrical,” he explains. “We think that because Tokyo is such a large metropolis you have to do more to stand out.”

Check out the Vice blog here>

And the pics I took for them here>


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