Style: Jenny Morris LCF MA Show

Last night a selection of LCF MA students showed their graduate collections at a special show at the V&A. OhDearism caught up with Jenny Morris, one of the designers, to discuss the inspiration behind her vibrant and colourful collection.

“The MA tries to underpin all work with very in depth research,” she says. “My initial inspiration came from looking at hybrid mythological creatures.”

Morris developed the tufting technique in her designs using technology at the university’s Lime Grove embroidery department, and then further developed it into a hand embroidery technique with the help of an embroidery company in India. This hybrid merging of fabrics formed the basis of a collection that was whimsical and light yet strikingly glamorous and grown-up. The bright yellow silk maxi dress adorned with a gold feather collar was the highlight of the collection and showed how Morris is able to fuse ideas and textures to create something unique and magical.

“I’m sure you can see from the show, most other students work used blacks and nudes in colour, which has helped my work really stand out,” she explains. “I also didn’t conform with the minimalistic and tailored aesthetic which prevailed through most of the collections. I want to make clothes that women love, that they want to wear, that are tactile and almost edible looking. Fashion doesn’t need to be serious, I want to have fun with my work.”


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