Music: L.A. De Signer

Taking their inspiration from the underground synth-pop and rap from the earky 80s, L.A….DE SIGNER are a French/American audio/visual creative outlet who have been featured by Dior, YSL, and Come Des Garcons.

Audrey Montgaillard, Rob English, Jean Marc Virard and Anthony R. Franco are all designers based in downtown L.A. Their backgrounds in music, design, graphics and marketing have been blended together to make a super-group bent on world domination.  They are following the success of their first album DESIGNERSRULETHEWORLD with Nous Nous Wave, which is out now.

“Nous Nous Wave is our take on the classic New Wave sounds of the early 80’s,” explains English. “We’re picking up where bands like Human League and Blancmange left off. Just without the hairstyles.”

Their eclectic backgrounds make for an interesting sound. “The bed is pretty much made with a modern French aesthetic from JMV and Audrey,” says English. “I get in it and grind up the sheets with a kind of old school Chicago-house-minimal-wave-style. Then Ant removes the pillows and projects a visual trip to fall asleep to.”

The first song to be released from their new LP is the title track Nous Nous, which has been generating massive interest from those in the know. Their upcoming free mix-tape, featuring covers of classics from Kate Bush and Visage, is being supported by Dior, who invited them to perform at the Vogue Fashion Night Out in September.

The rest of the year will be spent touring around L.A. and in France, “going broke” in international boutiques and planning “peaceful domination,” according to English.


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