Music: Schlachthofbronx

German DJ outfit Schlachthofbronx play and produce bass-heavy music that defies borders. From reggae and dancehall to electro, rap, dubstep and funk, the up-and-coming DJs will play pretty much anything as long as it gets the crowd heaving.  Their sound has been picked up by big DJs and producers like Buraka Som Sistema, who featured them on their recent mixtape, and  they have supported M.I.A. on tour.

“We normally take new tracks with us on tour to test them live, and as soon as they work the crowd proper, we just leave the tracks like that” explains Schlachthofbronx’s Jakob of their sound. “Some would probably describe them as rough, but that’s actually what we like pretty much.”

When they are not making music, the pair enjoy hanging out in their native Munich partaking in, “good food, Grey Goose, Munich beer and (to quote the wise man DJ Assault) ass n titties,” says Jakob. Although it sounds like they won’t have too much time to take it easy with several new releases, mix tapes, tour dates, including several festivals, and general “weird stuff” planned.  Pretty good for an act who claim: “We’re just doing all that music bizness to raise some money to get Jakob’s strabismus fixed.”

Listen to the Nasty Bass EP here>


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