Music: DJ Kayper

DJ Kayper was once called, “The best female DJ in the world” by Jazzy Jeff. The DJ, whose real name is Kaajal Bakrania, has headlined top clubs all over the world and has her own show on Radio 1’s Asian Network – The Kayper Show.

Kayper started DJing in clubs when she was 17 and soon built a name for herself by mixing hip-hop and R&B with Bhangra and Bollywood tracks. She was soon picked up by Radio 1 to cover live events for the Asian Network and in 2006 was given her own show, which is now called the DJ Kayper Show and is one of the highest rated on the network.

“There have been so many highlights in my career so far, it’s hard to just pick one,” she muses.  “Touring the world and playing amazing festivals like SXSW, Sundance, Cannes is great but also being able to perform alongside some of my DJ idols like Jazzy Jeff, Premier, Cash Money, Scratch Perverts, I could go on and on.”

She is performing at Rock The Belles, a night dedicated to female musicians and DJs, later in the month. “I think it’s important for female talent to support and show love for each other,” she says.  “The music industry in general is very male dominated and I feel like the handful of female talent that there is in the UK need equal recognition.”

“There are some great female talents coming up right now,” she continues. “Jessie J is one of the most amazing vocalists I’ve ever heard come out of the UK and I hope 2011 will be her year.  I’m also loving Mz Bratt’s new music and I think she will do big things this year too.”

As for her future? “I can’t predict the future but hopefully it will involve more touring, DJing and producing. I’m also really enjoying doing my night Ebonics, which is in its sixth year.”


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