Music: Hepz Tagoe

Hepz is a singer and songwriter with a powerful soul voice and a quirky style. Having provided backing vocals for Charlotte Church and gigging all over London she is now working on her debut EP, out later in the year. As well as writing her own tracks she is also a talented keyboard player and producer.

“My sound is a mix of old school beats with up tempo, modern day lyrics,” she says. “There are so many songs in the charts today that vary around the same topic; break ups, love or shaking your booty in the club and very few about real life situations such as being in your 20’s graduating from University and not being able to get a job. Every song I write about is based on my own real life experiences and I’m not afraid to speak out and say what’s on my mind.” This is evident in tracks such as ‘He’ll do’, a funk infused tune about a girl fed-up with waiting for Mr Right and settling for Mr Right Now.

Hepz’s unique style and infectious smile have gained her a large following on the live scene and she is going hard trying to perform as much as possible and get her face out there. “Being on stage is always a really happy, exciting moment for me so I like to express that with my image,” she says. “At my last gig I wore a pink Hello Kitty dress which I got made for me when I was in the Philippines for a tenner and for my gig at Rock The Belle’s next Friday I’ll be wearing a dress made out of several cut up record vinyls, painted pink that my friend is making for me.”

Hepz hopes that events like Rock The Belles will finally get her the much sought-after record contract and isn’t afraid to keep trying until she succeeds. “The lyrics to my new song, Wonder Woman, say ‘Don’t be afraid to make mistakes that’s how you learn to be, don’t compare yourself to anyone, learn to be unique’. I believe that if you’re good at what you do and persevere you’ll get where you want to be.”

Rock The Belles is at East Village, 28th January


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