Arts & Culture: Sarah Vo on a journey to heaven and hell

Sarah Vo is a London based photographer who uses 35mm film to create beautiful images based on stories from the past. Her latest work -DREAMS FROM HEAVEN AND HELL – features a collection of mermaids in long flowing dresses, which she made herself from bits of old material, placed amongst fairytale settings.

In DREAMS Vo uses the mermaid imagery to create high-fashion shots representing her father’s journey from Britain to Vietnam in the 70s. “I’m really proud of everything he has achieved and wanted to do a project celebrating and reflecting on his journey,” she explains. “The water imagery is part of that and also represents the flow of memories and the passing of time.”

For the project, Vo used 35mm film and a darkroom to create the washed-out effect of the images. “I prefer using analogue cameras over digital,” she says. “I love the magic of the darkroom and the way you can experiment and play with an image to make something beautiful.”

Vo’s next project was inspired by a trip to Vietnam after the death of her grandfather. She plans to re-imagine the everyday snap shots she has of his life right up to the haunting image of him in his coffin. She hopes to turn the photos into a show dedicated to his memory.

“I love putting on shows and am very excited for the year ahead,” she says.” I am also experimenting with using the moving image so watch this space.”


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