Music: Theo Hutchcraft – Hurts

Theo Hutchcraft is one half of Mancurian band Hurts. He provides vocals alongside synth-player Adam Anderson, who he met outside a nightclub one evening in 2005. While their friends were getting involved in a street brawl next to them, the pair bonded over a love of music and released their first album Happiness last year to critical acclaim.

“2010 has been incredible for us.” Hutchcraft admits. For a band who only played their first live gig at the beginning of last year, success has certainly been quick and 2011 looks to be more of the same with some big festivals confirmed, including Isle of White, a sell-out solo tour and a slot supporting The Scissor Sisters.

The eerie and haunting sound of singles such as Better Than Love and Stay has gathered the band some serious attention from the music press including NME and Q magazine while their distinct fashion sense has had the style press sit-up and pay attention. In June, Disorder magazine described Hurts as having, “a serene linear beauty that has come to define both their music and their style” and gave them their first major cover.

Both in the sharp, tailored look and the synth-pop sound there are clear references New Romantics of the 80s, albeit re-imagined for a new audience. How does style relate to music for Hutchcraft? “It doesn’t really,” he shrugs. “My music is how I express my personality and I feel like style is a completely different thing.”

“My biggest musical idol is Michael Jackson,” he says. “If I could play one song to the world that expresses what is great about music, it would be Billie Jean.”  ET is another favourite influence from the 80s and Hutchcraft says he would love an alien to land in his back garden. “I would dress it up like my little sister and keep it in the cupboard in my bedroom,” he laughs.

And if he could say one thing to the world right now? “I would tell everyone to chill out,” he smiles. “Oh actually, I would say… This Is It!”


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